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PEORIA… Illinois Valley Central School District 321, the IVC Educational Foundation, and the Chillicothe Alumni Association joined together on Saturday evening to present State Representative David Leitch (R-Peoria) with the 2016 “Friend of IVC Award”. 

Citing their reasons for this recognition, the District and its Alumni organizations cited Rep. Leitch’s personal donations to District projects, Rep. Leitch’s Annual Summer Reading Club Party at Shore Acres, Guest Reading and being a Guest Presenter in IVC Classrooms, hosting IVC Students at Honorary Pages in Springfield, sponsoring special legislation to have a stoplight placed at a major thoroughfare following the tragic auto accident deaths of two IVC students, as well as his support of other community assets like Pearce Community Center and the Chillicothe Park District and his broader support on issues related to student mental health care.

In the wake of an unfavorable Property Tax Appeal Board in 1994, IVC faced a loss of about $2 million in real estate tax revenue.  Rep. Leitch passed a “bridge” law (legislation that Leitch characterizes as “the most difficult bill I ever passed”) that rescued the District from the financial mess.

 “IVC has been a great community partner to work with over the years and I am truly honored to have represented their interests in both Springfield and in the community,” said Rep. Leitch in reaction to the award presentation.

The award was presented during the 107th Annual Banquet and Meeting at IVC High School on Saturday, June 11, 2016.  Also honored at the meeting as Distinguished Alumni’s were Dr. David Batstone, General David Julazadeh, and John Myers.
Rep. Leitch was proud to welcome Aadi, a student at Dunlap Valley Middle School, to be an Honorary Page in the Illinois House earlier this week.

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative David Leitch (R-Peoria) supported legislation on Thursday to provide $700 million in emergency stopgap funding to human services agencies in Illinois reeling from the effects of the lack of a FY 16 State Budget.

SB 2038, which overwhelmingly passed the Illinois House on Thursday, provided a dedicated emergency funding source, mostly from the Commitment to Human Services Fund that was set up as part of the temporary income tax hike in 2010 and contains unspent money.  The approximately $700 million in funding will be directed to human services programs that are not covered by consent decrees or existing court orders.  The funding is estimated to provide approximately 46% of the spending those programs would have encompassed this fiscal year.

“I was happy to support this stopgap measure’s passage as it will provide some relief to human services agencies and the people who rely on their services.  I was especially pleased that money to fund psychiatric services was finally provided in this measure,” said Leitch on Thursday following the bill’s passage.

Funding for psychiatric services has been a priority for Rep. Leitch as one of the leading advocates in the Illinois House concentrating on mental health treatment and recovery efforts.

Rep. Leitch can be reached at his Peoria Legislative Office at 309-690-7373.
Great to see students from Quest Charter School at TECH Day in the Capitol Rotunda. Thanks for coming to town for the day!

Great to see students from Lostant Elementary at TECH Day in the Capitol Rotunda. Thanks to Dr. Malahy and Marjorie Archdale for accompanying students Jacob and Ethan, who are 8th Graders at Lostant.

Great to see students from Midland High School at TECH Day in the Capitol Rotunda. Thanks to Dean Poignant and Leah Ramseyer for accompanying students Madeline, Olson, and Jerod.

Great to see students from Princeville High School at TECH Day in the Capitol Rotunda. Thanks to Anne Krolicki and Joanna Carroll for accompanying students Lydia and Lacey, who are Juniors at Princeville.